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Elmasrya company for renting generators

Energy without interruptions

M / Abdul Hakim Amer

The Egyptian Company for the rental of electric generators received great confidence among the major Egyptian companies

In the Arab Republic of Egypt for the benefit of the Egyptian company for the rental of generators of high efficiency and quality

In providing the latest and finest Japanese-made silencer generators throughout the Arab Republic of Egypt.

We guarantee you a constant energy. The best staff

All capacities are from 25 to 2300 KVA.

All our Japanese and American generators are among the best generators in the world

Its efficiency does not compare and does not limit the power to meet all needs

We pride ourselves on the fact that our electric generators are made by Japanese manufacturer Mark Danyu

And the American brand Cummins and Caterpillar

All generators are silencer and super silencer
A power without noise and without interruption