Rental of generators

Rental of generators

    The Egyptian company has a large number of generators of various capacities to meet all the needs with the necessary information and expertise to meet the requirements of companies and projects of all kinds and in order to vary the requirements there are many types of special equipment that we do to meet the needs of customers such as:

    1- Oil companies

    2- Treatment areas of petroleum materials

    3 – Construction companies

    4- For ships

    5- Marine arsenals, floating and dry docks and marine repair workshops

    6- Cinematic production companies and photography sites

    7. Banks and permanent work

    8. Alternatives to hospitals and vital work areas

    9 – All factories and companies of all kinds

    10 – Permanent and temporary exhibitions

    11 – Great concerts

    The most important element of success is the availability of experienced and trained personnel to create equipment that is appropriate for each situation while providing complete security elements to the customer, equipment and personnel


    We are your partners for success


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